25 September, 2008

& and the ampersand

i got a request to do an ampersand --
hooray! a challenge! i hadnt done one before and i didnt have a pattern -- so i made it up.

me likey.
here's the completed order:

(i dont know what order she intended for the letters -- but they look pretty cool grouped together.)
now i want to create ampersands for my other fonts!


rebekka said...

Love it to PIECES!!!

I just posted this morning about the sweet "s" you made me recently. I just can't get enough of your work, I can't wait to order more!!!


Kristen said...

i love ampersands!!! i really wanted to get one tattooed on me for the longest time...

great work :)

chezkimberly said...

kristen --
you moved to texas?!!?? no chance of seeing you at this year's hearts and crafts affair, eh? booey! i saw that your owl candles are being carried by sprout -- hooray for you! good good good luck with the little crafty business! yeah for us for trying to make it all work..
(and rebekka --- thank you so much -- i will be posting about your baking/blog real soon!)