12 September, 2008


what is this that i cradle in my arms?

raw milk, baby.

my friend mike came to my door at nine this morning calling, "is anyone home? milkman, here!" and dropped this in my arms.
it was still warm; as in, fresh from the cow.
this was breakfast:

holy cow, this makes me happy.
in case you don't know me, let me just tell you; milk is in my top three most favourite beverages.
i. love. milk.
and this stuff has me seriously excited. --- what am i going to make? i gotta make something with it... corn ice cream? butter? or any number of other amazing treats... oh my goodness...


Kitty Rococo said...

Hello >^..^<

I was browsing poppytalk when I cam across a post with some of your work. I really love the things that you make as well as this blog, it's very sweet and it seems that we both have a lot in common.

I wish I would have found out about you sooner! Can't wait for your next post and to buy some goodies.

Tiffany from San Francisco, CA

chez-sucre-chez said...

i attempted ice cream with the raw milk yesterday. while i dont think it was a COMPLETE distaster, i dont think it was the smashing success that i was hoping for.... i'll be dishing it up and tasting it later today.. maybe posting about it, but maybe too heartbroken to post about it....