11 September, 2008

wishing well

look at how great this is:

my friend megan, who is a fantastic artist, sent me this get-well card!

how sweet is that?
(hand is looking and feeling sooo much better!)

i have been meaning and wanting to do a little post about megan. she and i went to grade school and high school together, where we were in the same art classes. i always looked up to and admired megan's talent so much -- the girl was, and still is, way good.
(for my birthday one year, i think it was my twelfth birthday, she and my friend amy threw a surprise pool-party for me. megan gave me a mug on which there was a zebra, whose stripes were all vibrant colors, and it said, "have the courage to be a little crazy." i swear to you i still have that mug and i still think of and feel inspired by that saying quite often!!)
we lost touch after high school but recently reconnected and since then, we've been sending emails and encouragement back-and-forth. i am thrilled to see that she is getting back into her art - it is so good.

see more of megan's recent work on her flickr site.
thank you so much, megan!!

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