02 April, 2008

chez in other people's chez

i have been meaning to do this post for a long time...
beautiful and amazingly crafty emily, from the black apple, bought a few pieces from my etsy shop and then took this photograph of them hanging on her wall and posted it on her blog.

i love how her wall is painted the same color that mine was in my brooklyn apartment. the lighting in that room was so bad, however, that i never got a decent picture of my framed art wall. this is the best i got:

(uhg -- what a terrible picture! -- but note -- flying bird skeleton artwork by dana b!)
anyway -- emily's post drove a nice little surge of traffic to my etsy shop.. thank you so much, emily!

stephanie, from the living room floor, was one of the peeps who was driven to my site/shop by emily. she then photographed the piece i did for her and put that up on her blog:

it looks so pretty! thanks to you, stephanie!

and just today i received a photo from Steff, for whom I just did two custom initials.

(and i do believe that that is a emily/black apple painting hanging there next to my initials.)


stephanie said...

i love ur work!!!
i am glad that you enjoyed the photos!
yes...that painting was a present from my husband for vday!

Julie said...

I believe the beautiful silhouette on the third photo is also from Emily !...
Must be a sign :)