23 April, 2008

coming clean

okay, friends...
many of you know that i was working with this new "how-to" website as their "craft expert." i recorded a bunch of little videos (actually, they recorded them --- you know what i mean...) where i am showing how to do various crafts. there were a few on knitting, some on candle-making and soap-making (which, if you go back and look through this blog to about a year ago, i was teaching myself how to do those exact things in preparation for the videos!) and then some kids' activity sort of crafts.
i had told you that i would let you know when it launched. well, it launched -- a few months ago..
things have been so busy with my house that i hadn't been able to look through all of the videos until just recently. (and i think there are still a few more that i haven't watched yet.. ) i wanted to watch them before i gave y'all the link to it -- just in case i looked like a total goober or something like that...
i DEFINITELY look like a nut, but, i guess it is just kinda me being me...
alright -- but here you go...
this is me in one of the kids' crafts ones. it's funny. they are all funny.

go ahead -- check them out. critique. make fun of me. send me fan mail. it's okay. i can take it.
here is my profile page with my other videos listed on it:

it was actually quite a lot of fun. you should check out the rest of the howcast site, too.

super super super SUPER huge thanks to: kevin, my totally awesome director who got me make all of those ridiculous faces, christian and broccolini , my behind-the-scenes men, karin and dewy, my prop, set, and wardrobe/art-directors, dayana, my hair and make-up stylist, paul and heather, writers and researchers and all-around amazingly wonderful peeps, patty, production-manager/motivator, and darlene, producer and maker of things happening. they're the ones who made it all look good.


stephanie said...

Love your videos!!!
They are awesome!!
Now I am going to make myself a milk carton birdhouse! :)

kira birney said...

you are a star!

comfies said...

ok, that's rad. i'm totally sold.

jc said...

yep. these are fantastic.