29 April, 2008

i love your golden crown...

(okay, so mister bolan sings it as "broken crown" -- well this one ain't broke.. it sparkles.)

i was about to put down the cross-stitch materials and start in on the sewing projects that i have lined up, but then i got it in my head to do these.
i busted out the metallic embroidery floss again and put it to use for some regal crowns. the three-strand floss is quite difficult to work with -- it frays, the strands come unraveled, and it tends to break a lot -- which makes for much frustration and a lot of time spent working on what should take about half the time, but the results are rather worth it, i think. i'm happy with the way they turn out.
i like how from far away the crown seems to be made of weird rhinestones or beads, but then when viewed up close, the delicate metallic x's reveal themselves..

i did some in silver, too:

oooh, shiny, shiny.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw your work on Poppytalk. I love cross-stitch too. Yours are great. You are very patient to use metallics, I get too annoyed.