29 April, 2008

honorable mention

thanks so much to poppytalk for the shout out today!

i've got a lot of new x-stitch pieces completed, but haven't yet gotten around to taking satisfactory photos of them.
here's a preview:

yup -- i've been busy. a recent bout of insomnia has been quite instrumental in helping me to complete this much work, too. i reeeeeally want to put down the embroidery needle and thread and get started on some of those other non-cross-stitch projects, but i can't seem to stop! i still have more patterns that i've developed and am anxious to bring to life. more to come...xoxoxxxxxxxxxxxx


(sc) said...

Your work is perfect.
C'est simple : j'adore tout !

Bonne journée,


comfies said...

ooohhh fun stuff, i'm glad to have discovered your blog!