02 August, 2011

america and back

c'est fini!

finally, my biggest project to date is complete and i couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out. this piece has been in my head for over half a year, since my first trip driving across this big amazing land last october. i did one rendition and felt good about it for a moment, but i knew it wasn't what i intended. then on the way back across (from los angeles to philadelphia) in april, the vision became a little clearer and now that it's complete, i'm quite happy indeed.

i took it out to get photos last night, but we'd just had a thunderstorm, so the sky was a little too dark and the ground everywhere a little too wet. i was imagining a shot of me holding it in front of a cornfield.... maybe i'll get my chance today, but it's got to get mailed out!

it's headed to the ace hotel in nyc for the show that i told you about here. there's been a slight change, however: the opening reception is now on friday night (the 12th) - not thursday night. if you're in the nyc area, i'd love to see you; stop by if you can!

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Megan Woodard Johnson said...

I loooove it! It's super-fantastic!