04 August, 2011

supplies, supplies

happiness is a new shipment of supplies.
a fistful of zippers:

(from fleishman's tailor supplies, in philadelphia) this means that i'll be making more zippy pouches soon!

and lots of tea towels - ready for monograms!

living further away from my beloved mennonite fabric shop, wooden bridge in kutztown, PA, i deemed it necessary to do a big order of tea towels so that i don't drive myself nuts worrying about not having towels in stock and ready for stitching should i get orders for them.
they came in a few days ago and i'm thankful for this cooler weather so that i can put them all through the washing, drying, and ironing process that i do prior to stitching. it takes a stupid amount of time, but for some reason, i really really love that process, especially the ironing of each towel. am i crazy?!
i ordered a few new colors -- sage green (third one in in the top photo) and these two new stripe towels:

ooooh, i'm excited about them.
i'll be sure to post shots as soon as i get some samples stitched up with these new color options.

frustratingly, though, i learned that one of my favourite color options for these towels is now discontinued, as are a few others.
the pretty buttery yellow stripe, as seen here under these little tea cakes that i baked months ago in los angeles:

it had become my second favourite (after the red stripe, which, thank goodness, is still available). i hate when companies do that! i've got ONE left in stock -- if you want it, hop on over to the etsy shop and place your order!
also discontinued were the green stripe towels and the blue stripe towels. so mad-making!

i have a few of each of those in stock, but once they're gone, that's it; bummer!

AND - i also learned last week that the totally weird frame size that i use for my "home is wherever i'm with you" piece has been discontinued. man, oh man, that's so no bueno.

i created the pattern specifically to fit that frame size, and since it's so unconventional, (6.75 x 9 -- it was one that was made to hold two photos) i don't have any replacement options. so -- that piece is going to have to be retired. another bummer! i've got ONE white frame in this size, so the listing is up now for a white frame option only and then that, too, is done. grrrrrr!

let's end on a good note. the last time i was at wooden bridge, i got some beautiful new fabrics to make more kids' aprons. i'm hoping to be able to make that happen sooner than later and then to convince my little bella to model them for me so that i can get them in the shop.
happy day, everyone.

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