08 August, 2011

scratch my name on your arm...

on sunday morning, b and i went to the brandywine river museum (just 15 minutes from our home!) and admired the collection of paintings and other works by members of the wyeth family. we walked out so inspired that we high-tailed it to the local art supply store and came home with a shared set of watercolor paints, brushes and paper as well as each purchasing our own sets of pens and inks. i got writing/calligraphy supplies and b got a new sketchbook and drawing pens and ink. as it turns out, it was just too muggy and overcast for us to be feeling so inspired to use the watercolors. so, we sat on our patio and b sketched the trees and our garden plants and my funny little feet while i wrote him love letters that i tried to make look like they were written in the 1800's (even though they were written on paint chips).
(no i'm not going to show you the love letters!) but i'm working on my handwriting -- penmanship was so much cooler fifty plus years ago. using pen dipped in ink certainly helps, as does really concentrating on the letters... i think i just need to write more letters so that i can practice. friends, do i have your addresses? get them to me. i wanna send you mail.

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