15 August, 2011

let's hear it for new york

friday morning, i took the bolt bus from philly up to nyc. my first order of business was to check the 14th street and 6th ave urban outfitters store to see if they had the chez-sucre-chez pieces; they did!

i was very happy to see that they looked great. the quality of each piece was better than i expected and there were even a few great surprises -- like the stand that was affixed to the back, making them not strictly wall art, but also a piece that can be displayed on a shelf or table-top. i was thrilled with the quality of the hoops they used and the way the fabric was secured within the hoops -- it wasn't flimsy at all. each individual piece (besides the samples on display) is packed flat and wrapped in plastic. i was afraid maybe they'd just be open and that they'd easily get damaged on the shelves from a lot of people handing them - nope; even the samples look great, and i assume that they've been picked up and handled more than once or twice.
i was also thrilled to see how they had done the tags. they really did replicate the way that i do my tags! hip hip hooray!

they really looked great and it was definitely exciting to see my designs in the store along with all of the other hip urban outfitters products. there in the store, they were still full price ($18 each), but on the UO website, they're marked on sale -- I'm going to order a set as soon as i finish this post. maybe you'd like to do the same?! (if you were just going to go for one, i recommend the deer one -- it looks particularly great. the owl one is the largest and the squirrel one is the smallest.) ordering info is here.

then, after meandering the streets of a city that i used to call home and thoroughly enjoying a day to myself with no agenda and no pressure to get work done, i met up with great pals claire and jeremy for the opening reception of the "these friends" show at the ace hotel. that, too, was a smashing great time.

the show, and all of the collective pieces that comprised it, fit the space perfectly. (sorry my photos aren't so good...) the ace is charming as heck and i got to see a lot of really good friends.

the show is up for a month, so if you're going to be in nyc, stop by and check it out! more info here and here.

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