26 August, 2011

red balloons for good...

...are back!
it's that time again and for the sixth year, my mama is cycling 150 miles over two days as part of the city-to-shore ride to "create a world free of MS." that's 75 miles a day and it's all for the cause of raising money and awareness toward research and a cure of MS (multiple sclerosis). my mom's pretty great, huh?

two years ago, i started stitching these red balloons and listing them in my shop as my way to contribute to my mama's fund. half of the price of each balloon is donated to the fund.

last year i had it in my head that i was going to do the 99 red balloons -- but it turned out waaaay to ambitious a project. i didn't get anywhere even close. this year, i'm planning on just stitching them up whenever i can and listing them in my shop with the hopes that people appreciate their simple charm and the chance to score a sweet little piece of home decor while contributing to the greater good.

you can read more about the beginning and purpose of this project here, in this post from two years ago.

and now, the first two of this year's balloons are stitched and photographed and listed in the shop. please check them out if you have a chance, and, actually, even more important, please help spread the word if you are interested. i'm hoping to list several more pieces in the coming weeks - and it'd be super great to see them all go and then to have a nice little sum of money to donate to the cause! here's the shop section where the balloons will be listed.

ps -- related but unrelated -- my camera has developed a spot. very annoying. it seems to be a piece of dust trapped INSIDE the lens, and now every photo i take has this spot on it. this is very uncool. does anyone know anything about this? how to get rid of it? it's a canon -- i think i'm going to call the company tomorrow. very annoying.

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