06 August, 2011

wildflower wishes

two things making me happy this saturday early afternoon: this bouquet of wildflowers i picked on a walk last night, and having finally gotten a shelf hung in my studio. it's all coming together.
happy weekend, everyone. i hope that yours is filled with wild beauty and pleasant satisfaction.


Holly C. said...

I love to bring in Queen Anne's lace. I love the set up you have there-so pretty. I can't wait to see your studio!

chezkimberly said...

hi holly! i've been seeing the queen anne's lace everywhere along the roads and fields out here and have been meaning to make up a bouquet like this for weeks; it's so pretty! thanks so much for the comment and the compliment! i'm working on getting the studio in photo-worthy shape. i need to deal with a few more piles of supplies and disorder -- hopefully that can happen within the next couple of weeks... ciao!