16 August, 2011

sweet home dreams

one of my current favourite pieces made it into an etsy treasury this morning:

and i realized/remembered that in that listing, there are sneak peak photos of my studio! but... (whisper whisper hush hush) they were set up to not look like a studio, but rather, just a regular old bedroom:

but here's what that side of the room usually* looks like:

with my beloved vintage ironing board "shipping station" pushed as close up next to the bed as possible and my stitching chair over in the corner by the window, under the wall that i set up to house my current collections of work, as they wait to be shipped to new homes.

see, when we came to look at this place, i was psyched that it had three bedrooms. two of them are exactly the same size, exact mirrors of one another, and then the other is a little bit smaller and has a closet in it for the washer and dryer. originally i planned to have my studio in the smaller room, and then the other bigger room would be the guest room-slash-b's-extra-space room. once i started moving boxes in, however, i realized that the light and layout in this room is better (it has two windows, the other has one), so i opted to take this one and put the bed in here anyway. (*to be honest, the bed is usually piled high with ironing that needs to be done and fabric that needs to be folded and put away. but friends, whenever you're ready to come on out to visit, just let me know, i'll have it cleared off and magically transformed into the happiest little guest room you ever could want.)
the other side of the room is strictly business, but it's still not photo-ready... it's getting there, though.. you'll see it soon.

and, since we're on the subject of home-sweet-homes - here's another sweet little treasury that popped up today, featuring one of my home-sweet-home kits:

i've been enjoying setting up my home-sweet-home. it's nice to have one again, and to have my two biggest inspirations, home and love, all happy and right here in one place. (finally!) makes me a happy girl.
so - my newest home project is a quest for rugs... i love this one, and i've found a lot on etsy (like this one), which is great, because i love shopping as much a possible from etsy, knowing that i am supporting a human being and filling my home with quality handmade goods. but does anyone have any suggestions for other place to look for simple, not-too-pricey rugs? let me know if you do! happy tuesday!

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