09 August, 2011

spread the love*

i stitched this one up last week.

and listed it in the etsy shop. i gotta admit, i'm really pleased with how my little shop is looking these days...

and, in other etsy news; two of my items have been featured in very cool treasuries this week. check them out - there's this one, with a dutch theme and the "if you ain't dutch, you ain't much" tagline:

(true, me and my z-town girls are used to using this to refer to pennsylvania dutch, and not netherlands dutch, but still, the colors and items are beautiful!)

and then there's this one, with a pretty in pink theme:

how perfectly well curated! everything is like right out of the movie. great work, sara! you've inspired me and i've been listening to the soundtrack on repeat for the past hour or so.

(*of course the title is an intentional reference to my friend melanie and her wonderful shop!)

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