19 August, 2011

samples stitched

little things that happened over the last couple weeks; one, i finally took a better photo for the embroider-it-yourself boyfriend-hankie kit listing in my etsy shop. the one i had up there for well over a year was terrible! a few weeks ago, i got a new batch of hankies and the prettiness of seeing them all spread out before me as i made up the kits inspired me to take a new shot:

i'm not sure if it totally shows the product -- this kit, and the cross-stitch kits, too, is kind of hard to capture in one photo!

also stitched up and photo'd a sample of the new sage green tea towels that are now available monogrammed-to-order:

and then there are the new stripes; i like these a lot!

and this one i just stitched up for fun:

i got these towels in because i love the simple retro style of them (and they are SO soft!), but i'm not quite sure what i want to do with them yet... this was the first idea... not sure if i'm going to go with it or not. comments? suggestions? opinions?

until i figure that out, though, i've got a home-sweet-home for this particular towel. lots of friends have moved into new homes lately, and i love sending out mail, so...

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mosey handmade said...

i love the h~s~h one, like that font too.
kj yr the cutest!