17 August, 2011

more in store

remember these?

i gave you the teaser for them here a few weeks ago, but now they're out; they've hit the shelves at terrain!

this was another one of our collaboration projects. they got in touch with me with the idea of doing pumpkins, like we had the mushrooms and the strawberries, and then i figured them out and made them and they did the packaging in the lovely little weck jars.

if you haven't been to terrain yet (and you're somewhat in the area), i highly recommend a visit. i love that i now live less than two miles from here. i can walk here if i want! it's a seriously great place to while away an hour or two looking at all of the inspiring cookbooks and checking out the beautiful selection of house and garden plants. i keep coming home with new ferns for my bathroom (and, last time i was there, i came home with a chipmunk door stopper for my bathroom, too -- we needed one and i couldn't resist)!
they have a beautiful little cafe, too. seriously, you should check it out! if you're too far away, though, no worries -- you can still at least browse the online shop. (unfortunately, my little pumpkins aren't on there.. it's usually only a small selection of the goods that they carry in the shop...)

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