05 May, 2010

berry cool

the berries that i did with terrain caught the attention of design sponge:

(see the post here.) so i guess it was good timing that terrain placed their first re-order to be rushed out this week! (yay!)
batch number one went out today. i love them in those berry boxes!

(see that the whiter the berry the smaller it is? because that's the way they are in real life, of course!)

happy little berry box.
thanks, nice ups man, for helping me get these out a day early!


Leila said...


mosey handmade said...


Stina said...

I bought these at Terrain for my mom for Mother's Day and she absolutely loved them. Good work and great idea!!

Marlene said...

I am the mother who received them on Mother's Day, and I am totally enchanted with them! They are beautifully made. What a wonderful idea!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the Terrain shout out Kimberly! We love your berries!


chez-sucre-chez said...

thank you thank you thank you all so much, ladies! yes, it's been exciting. i went to the store for the first time on friday -- oh, my, goodness -- it is BEAUTIFUL! thanks so much for leaving these sweet sweet comments! i'm so glad that they're being so well received. hooray! happy-making!