13 May, 2010

holy smokes; i'm a gonner!

i pulled up to my local mennonite fabric store bright and early this morning, only to find a sign outside saying "closed for ascension day." ascension day! oh no -- then i remembered this sign of PA dutch lore that karen stanford recently posted on her blog: (read more here.)

ahhh! i even marked it on my calendar: "no sew!"
oh, but that so isn't happening today - i have many many stitches to make in preparation for art star. i'm hoping the lightening doesnt find me....

philadelphia, eastern PA, jersey, and delaware people, please come on by and see me this weekend if you get the chance! the weather is supposed to be good (let's hope it stays that way!) and this should be a really good event. i've got a LOT of work that i've been hiding - waiting to reveal. it looks like i'm probably not gonna get around to getting a sneak-peak preview photo on this here blog, so you're just gonna have to come out and see the new work for yourself! 11 - 6, both saturday and sunday - penn's landing, philadelphia. i think i am at both number 51 -- something like that - sharing it with melanie linder of spread the love, and karen (skylark studio) will be right next to us!


ArtTales said...

ugh why didnt I know about this! I'm not sure if hubby has to work but it sounds like a blast!

btw we probably frequent the same shops ;) I'm the crazy person with a bored husband in tow

mosey handmade said...

have a blast!!!