19 May, 2010

who's reaching out to capture a moment...

here are some shots from this past weekend's art star craft bazaar, where melanie and i made do the best we could with the outrageous wind:

we met up the week before to plan out and prep the boards that you see in the back for our hanging displays. i really thought that we had it all together and that our plan was solid.
and then we started trying to put it all together on saturday morning, and that took a little more than expected... and then we started hanging our pieces on the "wall" only to find that we had not considered the power and problem of off-the-water winds... for the first three hours, i felt like we were at constant battle with that wall and the pieces that we were trying to get to stay up there. i apologize to anyone who walked under our tent those first few hours -- man, i was CRANKY.
my mama showed up to visit me somewhere in the middle of this - at the point where i had just about thrown up my hands and given up - and she, sweetly, fixed it up for me and tied the pieces on their hooks with twine. (thank you, mama!)

this shot was taken on the second day, which was a little less hectic than the first. we ended up using the tent sides, so things werent blowing around quite as much (and karen, who was next to us, didnt have to keep picking up pieces of mine that blew into her tent).

boyfriend hankies were a hit! (more on them later...)

and this was one of the highlights of the weekend for me -- happy customer skyler in her new chez-sucre-chez apron; it looks perfect on her!

thanks to those of you who came out to visit and hello to those of you who discovered chez-sucre-chez for the first time at this weekend's event! next up: renegade brooklyn. i've got two and a half weeks to prepare!

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