07 May, 2010

lots of m's and m's

last week brought me two cool jobs for personalized embroidered towels. i was particularly excited about this one:

breanna contacted me to see if i could/would do towels in the traditional three-letter monogram style. of course i said yes, and i am happy that i did. each towel was a lot more work than i had originally anticipated and quoted for, but i think the results are well worth it. she had me do four of them, one for each sink in the two bathrooms at her wedding reception. so sweet, right? i'm really pleased to have been asked to contribute to her special day. and of course this is a cool detail in that the newlyweds can then use the towels in their home!

then the next big monogram project was for a set of eight towels all with M's on them. i didnt get the details on if they were to be for any certain occasion, but they sure do look cool all together.

and in between all this stitching, i've found time to make some extra towels with a whole assortment of letters - they'll be coming with me to the summer fairs - hopefully i've picked the right letters.

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