03 May, 2010

scratch report

so the scratch market this weekend wasnt a roaring financial success, but it was a good (although hot) day regardless. melanie linder (of spread the love) and i shared a table and got to see, once again, how superbly well our work works together:

it was good practice and time for planning our attack for art star, where we will be sharing a 10 x 10 tent space. we figure, if it looks this good all mixed up on a little five foot table, it's gonna look great when we put it together according to our plans and drawings for art star.
so, that was one benefit of the day.

it was also great to eat baked goods and catch up with melanie and sara (those are sara's beautiful aprons and tea towels that you can see hanging in the left corner of the photos) and anna and get some work done. (thanks, mel and sara and anna for help with the strawberries!) AND, new friend erin came to see me - which was great.
so -- now it's the two week countdown to art star. lots of stitching ahead.


Leila said...

Come on renegade! I can hardly stand seeing all of these previews for fairs that I can't make. But my day is coming and I'll see you there!

chezkimberly said...

leila! renegade is gonna be great. i am already fretting about the weather a little - hoping that it is going to cooperate because for once i actually think i am going to be totally ready and focused and motivated and stocked with all of the awesomeness that i want to bring to the brooklyn show. philly's in two weeks, i'm thinking of that as the warm up and i'm already pretty well prepped and psyched for that...
yes, keep hoping for good weather and i will see you in june!