06 May, 2010

gee whiz (look at her door)!

i love this!
diana has been a customer of mine since february of 2008; a few weeks ago, she wrote to me with an idea that she had to have me make a G for her front door to fit inside a wreath she had just hung.
it was a great collaboration - diana had the color-scheme of grey and white in mind and she even sent me swatches of the grey of her paint. wanting this piece to be a little more special than any of my standard fonts, i poked around for some more interesting, but still bold and easy-to-read G's. i sent those options over to diana and she chose the one she liked best. just a few days after i sent it out, looking like this

diana sent me the photos of the piece newly installed inside the wreath on her front door (and they're beautiful photos).

what a great collaboration! thanks so much, diana, for being so great and for coming back to my shop several times over the past two years. these are the kinds of exchanges that i really really love about my job.


melanie said...

ooooo i LOVE this idea! so nice! got any pretty L's in your arsenal? - i may have to copy this idea! :) xoxoxox

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

This is fantastic! I LOVE the detailing you used below the G

Leila said...

I third the love for this one! I just found a marie claire cross-stitch motif book I'd forgotten I had and now I feel like making myself a motif-ful initial too!

What a great team you two make.