08 May, 2010

put it all on the plate, i can take it!

why do i do this to myself?
on thursday, i was thinking and feeling okay in terms of my preparation for artstar. and then on friday, i walked into my local fabric shop just to pick up one thing that i needed, found myself wandering the stacks of calicos, and walked out of there with ten yards of fabric and the intention to turn it all into kids' aprons.

what? i wasn't planning on making more aprons! i so didnt need to do that! but i did.... and now the fabric is all washed and dried and ironed and cut. so i guess i'm sewing more aprons. and creating my displays. and making business cards. and framing unfinished cross-stitch pieces. and making more kits. sleep? who needs it; i love this stuff!


mosey handmade said...

looking forward to seeing the results!
love those aunt gracies!

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

i love the doggie fabrics!

SKM said...

can you tell me who makes that anchor fabric?

i've been looking for one JUST like it!

chezkimberly said...

hey there skm -- i checked out your blog - yes you DO NEED that fabric! luckily, it's made by moda - which is pretty well distributed, i think! good luck!