25 May, 2010

linen, canvas, and lace

these were the projects of last week:

friend sara smedley gave me some of the linen scraps from her amazing tea towels and aprons so that i could play around with the material.
i really like the way these stitch up on linen:

and then these --
in my attempt to use up some of my overflowing crates of fabric and trim before my west coast adventure -- i put together these:

i really like the juxtaposition of the utilitarian canvas and the delicate frilly antique lace.
i may get to putting some of these into the shop or onto etsy-- but they'll definitely be there with me at renegade.
more new work to follow....

(update -- they're now in the shop!)


Rachel said...

i really like the pouches!

Leila said...

You have some great stuff going right now! Just in time for renegade. Now I have even more reason to come straight to your booth -- do you know yet where you will be? I'm definitely looking for one of those black pouches.

Skylark Studio said...

I LOVE those pouches - they look like fancy panties!!

chezkimberly said...

haha -- now i'm gonna be calling them (in my head, of course) the fancy panty pouches.
leila -- i my booth number is 144 - it's in kind of a weird spot -- just off one of the entrances on union street. it looks like i'm a little out of the main stream of traffic! so -- i'll be doing my best in the coming week to spread the word and let people know where to find me -- you'll be getting an email! looking forward to seeing you!