22 July, 2011

protesting the sweat shop

i have a confession; this is where i worked for much of the day:

i thought of this at about 6:30 this morning, as i lay in bed already feeling the sweltering heat of the day. i had bought the wood last weekend (to become a shelf in the kitchen for my cookbooks) and i had a feeling that it was probably the perfect width and length for a bathtub worktable. i'm glad i was right.

i spent the day getting in and out of the tub. i'd get in, soak a little, stitch a little, and then once i was cooled off, i'd get out and get back to my computing work (i'm working on a very exciting new project, which i'll probably have to wait a while to tell you about!). then, once my bathing suit dried (yes, i wore a bathing suit - i thought it'd be a little weird to be working nude, right?), it was time to get back in for another soak.

it got up to 102 here today, which it still is, but now it feels like that temp is at least thinking of going down. dang! how hot did it get where you are? how'd you manage to beat the heat?
stay cool, friends! (this is the one thing that i do like about this heat wave, that i've been signing all of my emails "stay cool," like i'm sure i wrote in yearbooks and autograph books on the last day of school when i was a kid - pun intended.)

1 comment:

dreamday said...

haha! picture proof, nice work space and i admire your honesty.
oh, and stay cool :) (sometimes if the person was "really" cool i remember adding "just like you are")