20 July, 2011


is the beginning of my newest and most ambitious project yet.
it's actually the THIRD time i'm beginning this piece. many mistakes have been made, and i've done a whole lot of cursing about it. there's even a mistake in it now, as shown in this photo. the T is messed up. but i'll fix that. it's nothing compared to my first two mistakes; once starting and getting almost a whole word completed to then realize i started it on the wrong color fabric, and then starting it and getting three words done to realize that i'd been following an earlier version of the pattern i had settled on. that was yesterday; dangit i was mad!
but i am determined. if i can get through this (which i can), it's gonna be pretty awesome. 11 x 17 -- that's the biggest size i've done yet.
and it's all for this:

i'm very excited and flattered to have been invited to be a part of this show. my good friends from los angeles who run the gallery THIS are bringing their talents and their peeps together for a show at the ace hotel in nyc in august. i'll be there, will you? (find more info about the upcoming show here and here. and stay tuned, i'll be giving updates on the piece as i get through it.)

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