11 July, 2011

(new) favourite places

settling into the new home and the new studio has been wonderful.
the only thing is, i haven't taken many photos yet; i've been so consumed with setting up and happily creating my new systems and routines that i haven't paused long enough to document along the way!
here are two things that i can share right now (though neither of them are stellar photos):
one - my new favourite spot to stitch:

i set this chair up next to one of the windows in my studio; it looks out on a wide open patch of grass. (unfortunately, there's the neighbor's house, too - but i can crop that out of my view.) usually, there's a pretty great breeze that comes through the window. but sometimes, there's not - and with the weather that we've been having here (hot, humid, and still) i'm glad to have this other new favourite spot:

this tub is fantastic! filled with cool water and a lush bath bomb, it's my new happy place. the forecast is calling for some 97 degree days this week --- i'm wondering if i can bring my stitching in here with me?!
keep cool, friends!

(those are flower petals from the bath bomb on the bottom of the tub there -- not dirt!)

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