11 January, 2009

take my hand

i don't really know why i did this:

i really don't. i was stitching on canvas as kind of a practice for my soon-to-be revealed next thing, but i didn't have my image ready, so i did the hand image. and then i decided to put my cat bite marks on the hand. why? i don't know.
i do know, however, that i am still quite enamored with this canvas material. hot damn, i do love sewing with it. and i do know that i quite love the red stitching on the canvas, with the grey zipper:

okay, and then, because i rarely do anything just once -- it's that thing in me that always wants to give it another go -- always trying to make something better, or cooler, or ... (eh, i don't know.. it's just this weird thing i do...) -- i did this one, too:

i know -- pretty gross. why? mmm, i don't know -- i guess i just missed drawing blood drips (like these and these and these and theseand these). i'm obviously quite out of practice; this is one of the most unconvincing blood drips i've done. i'll probably take it back into the studio and give it a little rework...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh my god...i can just see you pulling this out to root around for some change at your little amish market or wherever. ha!
:) megan