10 January, 2009

easier than finding a needle in a haystack

i've stitched up some new knitting needle bags and put them in my shops.

these are like the one that i made for molly, but a little less labor intensive. instead of hand-embroidering the needle decoration onto the bags, i painted them on. i actually really like the way the painting on the canvas worked out. i traced some of my favorite knitting needles onto the canvas and then used textile paint to fill it in.

and then i geeked-out over the photoshoot -- styling them each with coordinating yarn:

(this pink/lilac/lavender one is available in my etsy shop.)

(and the other ones are available in my other shop.)

i'm a big fan of this style of needle bag. i received one as a gift a couple of years ago and it's been in use ever since. in my opinion, these are better than the roll-up style needle organizers, because you can throw in all of your supplies and then have everything in one place, all contained. i tote around all of my needles (circulars fit in there a-okay, too), stitch markers, measuring tape, row counter, pencils, notebook and sometimes a small ball of yarn... okay, enough -- click on over to the shops and check them out.

1 comment:

claire said...

i need to learn how to knit.......i love these bags and i don't want to be a poser!!

i miss you.