19 January, 2009

crowning moment

new crown tea towels are in the shop!
this is the new motif that i am working with and i must say, i quite love it. i've got the little red heart in the center there as reference to my little heart-outline tattoo on my wrist.
i've been tracing and stitching and carving and printing these crowns a lot this past week and a half.
here are my new shipping envelopes; i printed these last week:

(a poor photograph, taken at night as the envelopes were all drying on the floor of the studio.)
i kinda like them better without the heart...

there is still more to come...

1 comment:

laura marie said...

The crown is a wonderful new image! I like that it isn't anything currently typical (little a little sea creature or plant).
Very creative of you :)