21 January, 2009

hangin' with the locals/z-town love

here's a post dedicated to some of my favourite locals:
so, about a year ago, i moved back to this magical little town where i spent my college years. it was countryside and the promise of more natural, organic, closer-to-the-land, back-to-basics living that drew me here, really. i was seeking a change from my past twelve years of city living. anyways, when i made my plans and the move out here, i knew that there were people like me who were inexplicably besotted with this region and that some friends and acquaintances had returned (or never left) and were living in the area. i did not, however, know for certain that i would find SO MANY seriously awesome people right here in the same town (or less than twenty minutes away) and that i would find myself in the company of so many inspired, motivated, talented and all-around good people. wow. i am so glad it worked out this way.
to make things even more awesome, i've found myself a part of this special little group of ladies here who are all doing their own crafty thing and are all making things happen for themselves.
check it out; we've got a little blog/site kinda thing to represent: (click here)

i seriously do love these ladies.
and, while on the subject of the z-towners (or z-townies? mmm, it sounds funny anyway you say it...), we've got a little write up on the all-new all-PA crafty-blog, handmade in PA. check it out here:

thanks, tara!

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Sara said...

Having grown up around here I can say that "townie" was the name for non-college residents so I'd go with that.