25 January, 2009

doing the can-can

my sister, picking up a tip from my little readymade magazine spread, gave me this lovely little trio of succulents for x-mas:

and today, i just got around to repotting them.
partly because i'm too broke and time-strapped to be going out and buying proper planters, and partly because i'm a maniac for using resources wisely and responsibly, i opted to plant them in tin (aluminum) cans. my town doesn't recycle these - which really burns me up - so i saved these from the garbage, washed them out, coated them with spray paint, put some rocks in the bottoms for drainage, and called them planters. i originally thought i was going to wrap them in twine, too (laying it in the can ridges), but i tried that and ultimately preferred the simplicity of the white.

yeeeeeeaaah home crafts!
(thanks, nerdy! xo.)

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kansasrose said...

What clever, cute ways to pot your succulents, and eco friendly too! I love that!!! Also, thanks so much for the lovely note, and warm words. It made my day. It was also a pleasure working with you! Trading with a delightful artist and seller like yourself is a joy!

I have started a little farm country/simple living style blog called Farmeress II, and would love to give you a 'heads-up' to my friends and readers.
my url is: http://farmeressii.blogspot.com

If I have your permission I'll post a write up about chezsucrechez on my blog, and with your approval borrow one or two of your lovely photos of your work to post with it. It would be an honor to do so...Best of luck on your continued success Kim! I'm a devoted fan of chezsucrechez!