28 January, 2009

king zips

yesterday i was going to work on the pillows, but i got side-tracked and ended up making a pile of new zippy pouches instead. i know i probably say this about every new thing that i make, but i am really excited about these. i spent the morning (after shoveling lots of snow -- which, maybe strangely, is a task i really do enjoy) trying to photograph these in a way that does them proper justice --
i tried them on the studio floor:

i tried them on the cork background in the great morning light of my bedroom:

and i tried them against black in the soft subdued light of the bathroom:

i'm not satisfied with any of the photos! aaaah! grrrr! seriously, these new pouches are SOOOOOO good-looking. i printed them yesterday morning and was a little bit frustrated that the prints came out kinda light and faded looking. but then, once i sewed the first one and turned it right side out and zipped it up, i was PSYCHED. i think i actually said out loud, "oooooh, they look expensive." haha! but really -- they do. i think they look very RRL (or maybe whatever a british equivalent to that may be). the faded-looking prints are just right and the zippers -- OH, THE ZIPPERS! they are awesome. i used these great big chunky TALON zippers that i had scored somewhere a while ago and was waiting ever since to use. they're all different, all totally cool -- really strong and substantial looking:

i dont yet know how i'm going to list these in the shop -- because each one really is so different; but yet, i don't want to create a separate listing for each one..... ah, i'll figure it out. if you've got any suggestions, though, send 'em my way!

here's the one i'm keeping -- it's the most faded-looking print of the bunch, but i LOVE it:

i love the zipper on this one, too:

here's the only photo from this morning's shoot that i really like:

and here's the one pouch that i'm putting in the shop right now:

okay -- pillows next!

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Liz! said...

I really love your little zippy bags! It's hard to find nice zippers and i like the toughness of those. Such crisp, clean work. Good job!