08 January, 2009

new inspiration

it's a new year - and i've got new inspiration.

schwew! since making chez-sucre-chez my full-time thing, and not just a hobby, i sometimes get these fits of nervousness that i won't be able come up with a new idea once my old ones are done and out there. seriously, i do get really rather nervous about this.
but then inspiration strikes -- usually right about at just the right time.
i'm excited for this new year. i've got a pretty clear idea of what i'm cooking up next.
i changed my inspiration board last night. yes, it is a bit bare -(and the photo is rather crummy)- but this is the starting point. i've got a few images/motifs that i'm already working with, but i didn't want to reveal them yet -- i want to surprise you!
i'm feeling this color palate and texture thing --- natural neutrals. basic. a little bit industrial. inspired by manila shipping tags, twine, canvas, and craft paper. a teeny bit rough in texture. and i am REALLY feeling the color accents of true, basic reds and blues with these bases. ooooh, i am feeling good about this.
i'm heading out to the studio of my friend sara today. (you should check out her etsy shop -- she makes seriously cool aprons!) i'm gonna do my stitching while she does her screen-printing. (and yes, i will be watching and thinking about how to integrate that medium into my upcoming products!)

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