29 January, 2009

can only make me cry with these words

danica, of comfies/slowprogress sent me a message to let me know that she did a little post about me and my work today on her blog. wow. i teared up when i read it. her words really touched me.
thank you, danica. i'm sending big smiles and kisses and hugs and thanks to you and to all of you other readers out there who check in on me regularly and, in all your various ways, support me and what i am doing. please know that your messages and your comments and your etsy purchases and your visits to my blog are wonderful, powerful inspiration and motivation for me. i tend to lock myself in my little bubble of dreaming and making and sometimes, when i remember to breathe and look around me, i get scared that i'm living more in this dream than in reality. that is probably true to some extent. (and good in some ways and bad in others...)
um, what i am trying to say is, it feels really good to know that other people appreciate what i do. it makes me feel okay to keep on keeping on.
thank you.
thank you.
thank you, all of you. xo-kj

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Sara Smedley said...

It's a really nice post Kimberly, she's right and you deserve it!