29 January, 2009

king me

i've completed my goal. finished my quest.
here they are -- the pillows:

i'm happy with them - very much so. i was really nervous about how they were going to turn out. i'd never worked with piping before and i was afraid it'd be a nightmare. ha! this is why it took me so long to finish these -- even though they've been in the works for WEEKS, i kept putting off the finishing because i was afraid i'd mess them up. it took two pillows before i got everything exactly right, but that ain't so bad. it actually wasn't even the piping that messed me up, it was the sizing -- the first two were just a little bit too big. but now the rest are all just right. i feel good about them -- they're pretty boss.
i've just listed them in the shop.

and, there are more photos of them on my flickr site -- click here to see them.

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