23 March, 2009

where the wild roses grow

i tell you, i've gone gaga for stitching roses.

i've made up a whole bunch of new tea towels with roses embroidered onto them. when i did the first and second rounds (these and these), i was using a pattern that i traced from a photo of an actual rose. this time around, though, i doodled a bunch of roses freehand and then used different combinations of those drawings on the towels. i think i'm quite pleased with the results.

i'm really feeling the color combos, too... rather reminiscent of kath kidston, huh? it's quite a different palette for me, but i'm liking it.
i listed these in the shops as sets of two.

this set (above)

and this set (above)

and this set (above)

more rose items to follow...

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