09 March, 2009

kj go 'round the roses

after a week of working some very long days (for very nice people!) at the philadelphia flower show, i'm back to working my usual very long days for myself. on my first day back i've released a new tea towel design; the roses, in a few different color combinations on a few different towels, are now in the shop.

my childhood bedroom had pink walls and a green rug. i think the prolonged exposure to these colors in my formative years must have had an effect on me because pink and green has remained, for as long as i can remember, my very favorite color combination. (even through my brain tells me that it's kind of a weird color combination.) of course i had a thing for miami-vice-inspired pink and teal in the eighties, and hot pink and black and white in my late twenties, but pink and green has always been my true love. throw some flowers into that pink and green mix and my heart goes all a-flutter. so there it is.

friend jonny has recommended that i chill out sometimes and stop to smell the roses. i wish i knew how, jj.... i wish i knew how... until i figure that out, i'll be stitching the petals of those roses.

1 comment:

megan said...

not a wierd color combo at all, remember the color wheel in art class...they're perfect compliments. :)