08 March, 2009

the toothman cometh

remember this guy?

probably not --- i made him a REAAAAAAAL long time ago. (i was gonna let him go, but i just couldnt!)
well a few weeks ago, sweet baby aidyn got his first wiggly tooth and as soon as i found out, i sent toothman on a journey though the mail so that he could be with aidyn for the momentous occasion of his first visit from the tooth-fairy. luckily, toothman made it to flemington new jersey in plenty of time; that darned tooth wiggled for two weeks before falling out. (and when it did happen, it went totally unnoticed by s.b.a. as he ate his bed-time snack of pretzels.... he seems to have eaten his tooth, too. and then, when he realized he lost the tooth, he ran around the room screaming "AWESOME! AWESOME!" it WAS awesome; i was lucky to be there with him and toothman that night.)
toothman was such a hit with the kids that brother-in-law suggested, "hey sis, we had a great idea; how about you make a new toothman for every tooth he loses? and then when b.b. starts losing her teeth, you make her a set of pink teeth?" um, yeah, cute idea, but, um, no.
but i'm a sucker for a project so of course i made more toothmen. he's gonna get three more -- which will make one toothman for each of the four front teeth. and will you believe that all three of the other ones are already wiggly?
well i gave him toothman #2 this weekend.

that's toothman #2 on the right, the blue-eyed one. he's pictured here with his buddy toothman #3, before they had to part for a while. #2 and #3 are a quite a bit more busted-looking than the last batch of toothmen. it's been a few years. i was a bit rusty.
more teethmen to follow...


Meliors Simms said...

I want a toothman for each of my five root canals!

chez-sucre-chez said...

FIVE root canals?! yikes! i think i would want more than just a toothman for that..... good luck!