22 March, 2009

peacock migration

i found these plumed peacocks in a drawer the other day. i stitched it up months ago -- around the holidays -- and with everything that was going on, i must have forgotten about them... oh pretty peacocks, i'm sorry.
but now they're going on an exciting journey across the country.
i put them in one of the new spring mailers and sent them off to san francisco!

i gotta make it out to s.f. sometime soon -- valencia street, specifically. i've got pieces at two shops on this same street and both shops look SO cool. check it out -- the curiosity shoppe has a collection of my royal pa dutch pieces (the ones with pairs of creatures facing one another with a crown above them) and paxton gate's curiosities for kids has an alphabet of my cross-stitched letters. has anyone in san francisco seen these displays? i'd love to know how they look....


ohthecuteness said...

Dude! I have to go out to SF and see those, I've never even been able to see your work in person and I live just across the bay! You should deffinately come out here some time, there are so many cool places to go.

mayon said...

I was in San Francisco and i went to this shop and saw through the window something that looks like your embroiedery circles and we enter the shop and it was written" Kimberly Scolla"....yes!

I'm in LA right now.
have a good day.

Anne with an "e" said...

I just stopped by those two stores on Friday and was so excited to see your things being sold there!! They're perfectly lovely stores, and I think your art is a perfect addition :)