13 March, 2009

american got sick

i've been awfully sick the past few days -- the kind of sick that leaves one rather incapacitated. those who know me know that i dont do well sitting idle... it's been driving me nuts.
so since i have no new work to show, i thought i'd share with you the painting that i spent two full days starting at: (i had to take it off the wall to get the photo.)

awesome, right? (erg -- now that i look, the photo i've taken doesn't do it justice -- i was too sick to try to set it up well!) i've loved this painting all my life, even before i knew that it was a parody of the great grant wood painting (though i think that someone explained it to me and maybe showed me a picture of the original when i was really young). it's my great aunt mary and great uncle frank and it used to hang in their big old farmhouse right above aunt mary's doll houses. i've written about my great aunt mary before (here) -- this is just further attestation of how darned cool she was.

1 comment:

mayon said...

oh! that's really cool..
love your colors..

hope everything's well for you except that you're sick!!
it won't last.

take care.