04 March, 2009

capture the flag

after a whole lotta waiting, my good friends molly and dave finally had their baby on saturday night.
(hooray, hooray! a healthy baby boy!)
i've been house and dog sitting while they've been in the hospital and i wanted to make something a little special for them to come up home to, so i made a flag! (well, i guess this is maybe called a banner? or a string of flags?)

this was dave's idea, actually. it's funny -- they have a flagpole outside of their house and molly and dave have always wanted to have some sort of flag to fly on it. a couple of weeks ago, dave said to me, "hey, how about a flag to announce the birth of the baby?" of course it's a great idea so while i hung out with the dogs and kept the woodfire burning, i whipped one up. it took practically no time at all and was such a fun project.
at first i was just going to make it quick-quick-quick and wasn't concerned with the craftsmanship of it. but then i thought, well, heck, i may as well make it nicey nice. so i did. i took this as the opportunity to use up some of the fabrics in my stash that i knew i wouldnt be using so soon. our friend jen, of clothesline, also donated some fabrics to the cause.
here are the flags all strung together aside the sewing machine:

and here they are waiting for the ascent:

hurry home molly and dave and oliver james! we miss you!

i didn't realize that it was going to look so wimpy once it was up there -- i would have liked them to be bigger -- more substantial, but, well, it looks festive still. better than the plain bare flagpole, right?


Doug said...

Reminescient of a Tibetan prayer pole or flag. Quite lovely. Not small, rather subdued, respectful.

Jessie said...

Beautiful! And to me it looks like a flagpole saying, "So many possibilities!" (Whatever that signifies with a new baby...)

ohthecuteness said...

So cute! I think the scientific term for that is "bunting" but I could be wrong. Love it!

MaryJo Rosania said...

yes, the first thing I thought of was prayer flags! I love this, Kimberly....really a wonderful way to welcome Oliver and parents home! :)