28 February, 2009

ello ello ello

i realize now that i am just not going to make it to portsmouth, new hampshire, to see the cute show at the ello gallery. i'm bummed. it thought that i would make it at some point this month, but icky sicky cold and work and the distance kept me from getting there. grrrrrrr! gr!gr!gRRRRRR! (that's me being disappointed mad.)
the only photo i've seen is one that elise, of argyle whale, posted on her flicker site.
here is a screen-shot of that photo: (because i am technologically challenged and i couldnt figure out how to get an image off of someone else's site -- or maybe i just didnt have the patience or attention span to do it.)

and here is the link to the actual page of her flickr album (and while you are there, you should check out her argyle whale photo album -- her prints are terrific -- i'm especially enamored with this one right now.)

don't my cloud pieces look just fantastic, though? i couldn't have been more pleased with the way they were displayed.. byrdie and her team did a truly fantastic job. (i don't know the artist whose work hangs next to mine! our work looks great together, though. if you know who it is, please please please let me know in the comments section! thanks!)

thanks to elise and justin for posting the photo, and thanks to byrdie for inviting me to participate in the show. i'm so sorry that i didnt get to see it for myself. ugh. still bummed.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

They, indeed, look wonderful!

émilie said...

I'm in love with your clouds...