28 February, 2009

everything's coming up roses

inspired by a special request, i'm trying out a new motif:

hmmmm. this is an image that i probably wouldn't have picked up or stumbled upon on my own at the moment, but, as i said, i was put to the challenge as a special request (on which i may elaborate later, seeing how things go...) and i'm quite glad i went for it. it's been kind of a cool challenge -- forcing me to think outside of my usual methods and techniques. usually, my new designs are inspired by an existing image that i've found and like. i modify the original as needed or simply copy the lines that i need and viola, pattern is done. here, though, i actually had to go looking for the right source image, and it -- flowers, roses -- wasn't the sort of image i usually think about. so i've been looking at and sketching and plotting roses a lot this past week. i've tried them out in cross-stitch (and wasn't so pleased with the results) and in needlepoint, which was a new exercise for me:

(i think i kinda like needlepoint! i may go back to that again sometime....)
and i tried it out in french knots:

yeah. i really like this one. i started this as a practice piece to hone my french-knot technique and to see if the pattern worked. i'm kicking myself now -- i should have just gone on to the real piece, on a good piece of fabric. grrr. i'll probably finish this piece, though, even though it's on scrap canvas --- i've gone too far to abandon it! if and when i do finish, i'll probably sew this piece onto a tote or something...

and then i tried good-old straight up embroidery. i'm happy with how this turned out.
so, while this is just a work-in-progress right now, you just may be seeing some roses in the shop this spring!
i know i'll be seeing some real roses this coming week -- i'm going to pick up some extra work by helping out at the philadelphia flower show. a bit of a change of pace, a bit of change in my pocket, a bit of a break from the chez. maybe i will come back completely gaga for floral motifs, or just ready to rock out the roses.


Liz! said...

I love your blog! And the things you make. I feel like we probably live parallel crafty lives...keep up you amazing work!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the french knot!!!!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Especially love the French Knots. My mother had a pillow with the whole bouquet done that way when I was little. I loved it and used to trace over it with my hands to feel the texture. I don't know where it got to ....I probably wore it out! LOL