05 February, 2009

well ellO there

the opening of the CUTE show, at ellO gallery in portsmouth, NH, is tomorrow evening (friday, february 6th). this is the show that includes a few collections of my silver-lined clouds.

i am bummed that i can't make it up there for the opening -- i tried to work it out, but a trip from here to portsmouth and then back here and then to jersey and then to brooklyn all in a matter of just a few days -- it was just too much. but, if you are near portsmouth -- you should go and listen in on people's conversations about my clouds and take pictures and call me up and tell me all about the opening! grrrr - i totally wish i could be there.
here is the link for the gallery. if you are in the area, but can't make it that night, the show will be up until march 2nd, so we've got a month to check it out.

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Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I'm going to the opening tomorrow and I wish you could make it! I love your work :) congratulations.