19 February, 2009

leaving things behind

i'm packing up to head back home to PA in a little bit. i'm going back to celebrate a birthday and the anticipation of a soon-to-be-arriving baby (not mine, silly), oh, and to get back to work.
mom and pop have been awfully sweet to me these past couple of days that i've been here recovering from the cold.
so i'm leaving them with:
a cake-dome full of fresh-baked biscotti!

a freezer tray of freshly rolled and stuffed ravioli!

(plain: aka ricotta, parmesan and herbs, roasted red pepper and goat cheese, and artichoke with lemon and parmesan)
(i told you i am in love with my ravioli maker, i've been using it any chance i get.)

(um, i'm also leaving my cat for the week... which they dont know yet.. so i'm hoping the biscotti and ravioli sweeten that a little bit...heheheheh....)


Anonymous said...

Discovering this site almost gave me a heart attack. Your art is SO good!

chez-sucre-chez said...

wow..... this is so flattering! thank you very much! best wishes to you. xo-kj