27 February, 2009

proud PA

as i've mentioned before, (here, and here, and here, and here, and here...) being in PA is pretty darn great.

(reason # 127 -- the annual virginville film festival)

obviously, i am not the only one who thinks this way. one person who is a huge advocate of PA crafters is tara, who started the website and network handmade in PA. this girl is amazing. she's got energy, enthusiasm, motivation and make-it-happen-ness to a level of which i am envious. she started handmade in PA just a couple of months ago, and already it's grown and is attracting some pretty sweet attention. i'm proud to have been invited and to be a participant in this crafty little group! this weekend, some of the handmade in PA members are participating in a little blog carnival of sorts. we're providing links to one another's site and offering some sweet little discounts to those who find us through this forum and who jump on the chance to score some genuine pennsylvania-made awesomeness.

here's my discount, folks -- go to my online shop (here), do some shopping, go to checkout and enter handmadeinPA in the coupon field and enjoy 10% off your merchandise purchase. pretty rad, no?

but i'm not the only one -- check out these other Handmade in PA blogs. on each of these blogs, you can find out other great reasons why PA is where it's at. you can also find out how to get a great deal in each of their shops - now through monday, march 2nd!

Melissa from SqrlBee - Enjoy FREE Shipping!
Koco from MissKoco - Get a FREE lavender sachet with your purchase!
Lynn from UnaOdd - Enjoy FREE Shipping!
Rosie from RosiesWhimsy - Enjoy FREE Shipping!
Kerry from ALittleSparkle - Enjoy FREE Shipping!
Marissa from MarissaJoannaRojas, MJRojasPhoto, and YayforFidgetArt - Enjoy FREE Shipping!
Dana from WiredDesign - Get a single FREE "Never Enough" Sterling Silver stacking ring with your purchase!
Sarah from SweetSallysSoaps - Get 3 bars of handcrafted soap for $15!
Melanie from SpreadtheLove - Enjoy FREE Shipping!
Erin from Ruju - Enjoy FREE Shipping!
Hillary from Antebelle - Enjoy FREE Shipping!
Patty from ArtfulMommy - Enjoy FREE Shipping!
Emily from disCARDS - Enjoy FREE Shipping on orders over $5!
Tara from typOH - Enjoy FREE Shipping!
Kristen from WatersGirls - Enjoy 30% off your purchase!

hey look; z-town's own melanie linder created the illustration that several PA bloggers adopted to support this event!

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tara - handmadeinpa.net said...

thanks for participating, kimberly!