24 April, 2010

words to live by

my friend megan gave me this mug for my birthday when we were in like sixth or seventh grade, and i've just found it! i love this mug and it's little caption. i'm almost embarrassed to admit, but i have visualized those little zebras and that caption A LOT of times over the past twenty years. (i am totally cracking up here to myself as i write that out loud, but it's true!)
anyways, about a year and a half ago, megan and i reconnected (and it wasn't even through facebook!). we were friends in grade school and then she went to a different high school and we lost touch, and then she found me though a mutual friend and we've been sending emails back and forth ever since. (i even got to visit with her while in chicago for renengade last september.) meg was the artist in grade school and i really admired her talent. she's now living in wisconsin and she's still making art. it's been great to have one another to correspond about our work and the need for studio space and finding balance and inspiration. recently, megan started a blog like this one to chronicle her work and inspirations and creative outlets. give it a peep (here); she's really great.
*i just realized that i already told almost all of this story on this post -- oh well, here it is again!

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Leila said...

It's a great story, worth re-telling, I think.