24 April, 2010

one inspirational mother

growing up, i had these to look at on the walls of our family kitchen:

they were all done by my mother at some point when i was really young. it's funny, i never really thought about it until recently, but i bet these have had a huge influence on me and the work that i am doing.
they're all worked on even-weave or linen, on which i have been thinking it's time i start working.
lookie at this one:

and this one really gives me the excited shivers:

the colors! the stitches! it's so my chez-sucre-chez style! i just realized that one of my first more complex lettering attempts was done with this almost very same font:

yeah -- i'm pretty psyched to have these to serve as inspiration. my mama's pretty cool. hey; it's her birthday today! whoo-hoo. this cake is in the oven, and we'll be together later on with the rest of the family to celebrate. happy b-day mama and thank you for being so good to me.

here's a project that i started last night -- still on aida cloth, but it's this new beautiful platinum colored fabric i just got - i love love love it with the red:

ooh lala! i've got a framing lesson with the multi-talented karen stanford sceduled for this thursday. then i'll be able to get all of these new works framed and photographed - yippee!

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abby said...

oh my gosh, the "housework is a bummer" has got to be my next project! your mom must be so proud of your cross-stitching success, :)